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Air Canada Flight Change Policy

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Air Canada Flight Change Policy

You can easily change your flight with the Air Canada Flight Change Policy. However, for this, you won’t be required to pay a change fee based on the type of ticket and the designation you opt for. 

A Broad Outline of Air Canada Flight Change Policy

·    After 24 hours after booking, Air Canada won’t let you alter your flight without charging you additional change fees if you have a basic economy ticket.

·    Air Canada will charge you a fee if you cancel your standard fare or basic economy tickets after 24 hours after booking. The cost is $100 for tickets leaving within 60 days and $25 for flights leaving 61 days or longer. In addition, the price difference must be paid in order to upgrade to a more expensive choice.

·    A change fee will apply if you reserve a Flex fare and decide to cancel your Air Canada trip less than 24 hours prior to departure. The cost is $50 for flights leaving within 60 days and $25 for flights departing 61 days or longer. You also have to pay the extra cost if you’re upgrading to a more expensive option.

·    You will have to pay a change fee if you purchase a Comfort Fare and decide to cancel within 24 hours. It is $50 for flights within 60 days and $25 for longer ones. Upgrading also necessitates paying the additional cost.

·    You don’t have to pay anything extra to modify your ticket if you bought a Latitude, business class, or premium economy ticket. You will be responsible for the price difference if you decide to switch to a more costly alternative. The cost difference if you want to switch to a less expensive flight will be reimbursed to the original payment method.

·    If you change your Award ticket, you can do this 2 hours before the departure of the flight. However, you will have to pay a fee based on your fare class. The fee is $100 per direction for all types of tickets. This becomes $75 for Airplan Diamond status, and those with Altitude Super Elite 100K won’t have to pay a fee.

Air Canada Same Day Change Policy

On the day of travel, would you like to board a flight earlier or later? Passengers on Air Canada can modify their confirmed itinerary for the same day for a fixed cost of 125 USD (no fare difference applies). You can request an Air Canada same-day change only on the day of travel, starting at midnight in your scheduled departure time zone. The following contains all the information you require regarding the Air Canada same-day flight change fee policies:

·    If you have basic fares, you cannot make same-day flight changes for Air Canada.

·    On the other hand, If you have Standard and Flex fares, you can request a same-day flight change. For this, Air Canada charges fees of 125 USD and 100 USD, respectively.

·    On the same calendar day as the originally scheduled trip, you must reschedule your journey for an earlier or later flight.

·    You have to rearrange your journey to an earlier or later flight on the same calendar day as the initially planned trip.

·    If you are an Air Canada Miles member, you have the option to modify your flight 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time without incurring a same-day modification fee..

·    A complimentary same-day flight change is included in the fares for Business Class, Premium Economy, and Comfort Class on Air Canada. Stated differently, travelers who have a refundable ticket do not have to pay the Air Canada same-day change cost.

How to Change Air Canada Flight

·    Using a web browser, go to Air Canada Airlines’ official website.

·    You must select the Book option from the main menu when prompted by the homepage.

·    Now, choose “Manage Bookings” feature from the dropdown menu under the Book option.

·    This part of the website allows you to manage your reservations for hotels, flights, and other accommodations.

·    The traveler has to enter their last name and Air Canada flight booking reference number on the following page.

·    Used these details to access the ticket and make the necessary modifications to the flight ticket.

·    When the correct information is entered, the itinerary is displayed, and the traveler has to modify the flight at this point.

·    You can modify the flight by adjusting the date, destination, or source. Before storing the information or making any modifications, one should take the airline’s policy into account.

·    After you modify the ticket you can save and submit it.

·    Lastly, an email or text message based on the contact information on the ticket is sent to confirm a new reservation.

·    The electronic ticket that you have obtained here must be used to check in, either online or at the airport.

·    The kind of ticket purchased determines the Air Canada flight change cost.

Terms and Conditions of Air Canada Change Fees Policy

·    The ticket must be distributed by April 30, 2021, at the latest.

·    Regarding the initial journey from March 1, 2020, to April 30, 2022

·    Your must complete your trip within 24 months of the date of cancellation if you need to rearrange any flights. There won’t be a change fee.

·   You will soon be able to convert the remaining value of your ticket if you made your booking directly with Air Canada. A completely transferable, perpetual Air Canada Travel Voucher or an additional 65% in bonus Aeroplan points are available as options. There will be no change charge.

·    You can modify or cancel reservation up to two hours before departure.

·    You have to pay tariff on refundable tickets ; a cancellation fee might still be charged.

Cost to change Air Canada Flight.

·    Basic Economy: not allowed

·    Standard Fares: $150 ($100 for flights between Toronto and the airports of JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark)

·    Flex and Comfort Fares: $75 ($0 for flights to or from the airports of JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark)

·    Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class: $0

·    Award Tickets: All ticket types cost $100 per direction ($75 for Aeroplan Diamond status holders and free for Altitude Super Elite 100k holders).

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does receiving my return require me to pay an administrative fee?

Depending on the type of ticket you purchased, there can be a change or cancellation cost. Please be aware that Air Canada has never charged a refund processing fees on customers or travel agents. For further information, please get in touch with your travel agent if you bought your ticket through them and have any questions concerning a cost.

Are taxes, fees, and other related charges to my ticket refundable?

Depending on the type of ticket purchased—refundable or non-refundable— you get reimbursement of taxes, fees, and charges. The amount of the compensation varies according to how much or how little of the ticket you have used. Tickets refunds also takes into account if the ticket complies with the regulations of the country of origin or the country where it was bought.

How can I receive my refund if the credit card I used for booking was either cancelled or expired?

Air Canada will return the money to the credit card that was used at the time of purchase if there are any issues with the refund process or if your bank rejects the return. The airline will contact you directly if necessary.

I am a travel agent and I am unable to process payment in my GDS. What should I do?

If you are unable to execute an adjustment refund due to the coupons being unavailable, kindly fill out our application form. An Air Canada agent will review your request if you are unable to execute a refund because you are unable to show the eTicket on an external website that may not comply with accessibility guidelines or language choices.

I am an OAL partner and need Air Canada’s help with a refund request. How should I proceed?

Please complete our application form, and an Air Canada representative will consider your request.

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