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United Airlines Name Change Policy

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United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines allows name changes on tickets for international and domestic flights, as per its policies. Here are important key points to keep in mind.

Permissible Name Changes on United Airlines Ticket:

  • Correcting spellings on United Airlines tickets includes adjustments to first and last names, prefixes or titles, inverted name order, or the use of nicknames.
  • When the passenger in whose name the ticket has been issued requires to change his legal name due to marriage, divorce, or a court order, he requires its update.

The process to be Followed for United Airlines Name Change on Ticket:

  • You can make simple name changes on a United flight ticket, like corrections or typographical errors, by proving a valid identity through a simple phone call or at the ticket office.
  • You can make legal changes to tickets issued by United flights supported by proper papers at the ticketing office of  United Airlines.

United Airlines Name Change Policy For MileAge Plus Account Holders

  • You can change the name either online or, alternatively, through handwritten.
  • Without supporting documents, you cannot make simple changes through your MileagePlus Account profile.
  • You can make significant changes For significant changes, by uploading supporting documents like marriage licenses or government id. 

United Airlines Name Change Policy under Special Circumstances

  • If you cannot provide the required documents, you can mail a notarized name Affidavit.
  • If you try to present the ticket of others, it will be considered void, and unless it clearly states on the ticket at the time of issue, you cannot transfer it.

Responsibilities and Liabilities

  • The passenger is responsible for Providing correct name details on the ticket.
  • Unauthorized use of tickets does not make United Airlines responsible for any unwanted issue.
  • You can be denied boarding if details on the ticket don’t match identity details.

United Airlines Name Change Policy on Ticket Info

United Airlines uses various methods to bring about a change in the name on a ticket on the basis of the type of change needed or if the passenger is a MilePlus member.

Methods of Name Change 

MileagePlus members can request a name change online as per United Airlines’ name correction policy; meanwhile, non-MileagePlus members must request by phone or in writing at the ticketing office.

For Non-MileAgePlus Members

  • You can make simple changes involving spelling errors in names or titles through a phone call, at the ticketing office, or through the ticket issuer.
  • You can make significant changes in name due to marriage or divorce with the support of legal documents that United AIrlines processes at the ticketing office. that United Airlines processes at the ticketing office. 

For MileAgePlus Members

  • You can make simple name changes online without supporting documents via a MileagePlus Account profile. 
  • You can make significant changes online uploading supportive documents like the marriage license or divorce ruling.
  • If you are not able  to submit any of these documents, United Airlines will need you to mail a printed, signed, and notarized copy of their Name Affidavit to the address provided below.

MileagePlus Service Center

PO Box 1394

Houston, TX 77251-1394

Name Correction Process 

  • You can make simple changes by phone or at a ticketing office, supported by a government-issued identity if necessary.
  • If you want to make significant changes, you must provide official documents like a marriage license or divorce ruling.

Name Change Policy Because of Marriage, Divorce, etc:

  • If you make name changes because of  marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. you must support this by the appropriate legal paperwork; therefore.
  • IOn the day of departure, you have to check it at the airport ticket counter or make any necessary corrections before leaving, preferably as soon as you realize there is a mistake. 

United Name Change Fee:

  • For simple corrections, no fee is required to be paid. However, significant changes require reissuing the ticket, with fees based on the difference in fare.

United Airlines Name Change Policy for Name Correction for MileagePlus Members

  • Under the TSA guidelines, the name on the ticket and the government-issued identity should be an exact match.
  • Simple name changes do not require supporting documents, but significant ones do.
  • If you cannot provide required documents, a Name Affidavit can be presented as an alternative. 

How to Request a Name Change 

You can make simple corrections to your name either online or by phone. However, significant changes require the online submission of supportive documents or the mailing of a notarized name Affidavit.

United Name Change Tips:

  • Take the benefit of a 24-hour window for corrections free of charge.
  • Ensure your full name matches your identity when buying the ticket.
  • Ensure updating your MileagePlus Account for automatic addition to the reservation.

Conclusion: Easy Navigation of United Airlines’ Name Change Policy

United Airlines Name Change Policy provides a simplified procedure for correcting names on ticket names, which ensures a smooth journey. Whether you must correct a small typo or update your name for legal reasons, following their policy ensures travel is free from any hassles.

FAQs on United Airlines Name Change policy

Below are some FAQs on the United Airlines name change policy to help you smoothly complete the process of correcting/changing your name on the ticket while traveling with United Airlines.

Can names be changed online on United Airlines tickets?

No, United Airlines does not require an online name change on its tickets. You can do this by contacting customer service by phone or by visiting the nearest ticketing office.

How do you change the name on a United flight?

Small changes or corrections are free within 24 hours of booking; thereafter, a charge will apply.

What is United Airline Name Correction Policy?

Only legal name changes due to marriage and divorce are required.

How to change a misspelled name on a United Airlines ticket?

Immediately contact United Airlines customer service with the required documentation.

How does United Airlines deal with the name change in reservation?

If you make the name change request within 24 hours, it’s free; otherwise, United AIrlines may charge you, except for minor spelling errors.

What if the name has been misspelled on a United Airlines ticket?

For this, you must contact United Airlines’ customer care service or visit the nearest ticketing office.

Can you change the name on the United Airlines ticket?

If there are simple mistakes or typos or a name change due to legal reasons like marriage and divorce , then a name change is possible.
No name change is entertained in case of a passenger change.

How can we correct our names on United Airlines tickets?

Contact customer care service for name corrections on United Airlines tickets. For significant changes, submit the required documentation and be familiar with possible charges.

How do you correct typos in your name?

You should promptly contact your purchase source to correct your name. Your first and last names should be correct. Middle names are not that important.

Is changing the ticket possible after checking in?

No. All changes in the ticket should be made before checking in.

What is the United Airlines name change policy for travel agents, or can the name be changed if the ticket is purchased from a travel agent?

Yes. For this contact your travel agency.

Can a name change be made within a time limit?

Name changes are possible only by calling United Airlines customer service before checking in.

Does the Name Change Policy of United Airlines allow name changes for some other passengers?

No ticket transfer in the name of any other passenger is allowed.

United’s change of passenger name without any charge?

Simple name changes that do not require re-issuance have no charges. However, significant changes involving name changes due to marriage or divorce require re-issuance of the ticket, and as such, charges are based on fare difference.

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