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Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

Suppose you want to cancel an already booked flight due to some unforeseen circumstances. Here, you may find it quite frustrating. The reason is that you are required to pay an extra fee for cancellation.

If you have to cancel your flight with Allegiant Airlines, you must completely understand Allegiant Air cancellation policy. This understanding will save you time and money.

Allegiant Flight Cancellation Fee: Flights Paid With Cash or Points

You cancel any Allegiant ticket with a total refund up to 24 hours from the time of purchase with no cancellation cost.

Standard Tickets

If you want to cancel your booking with Allegiant, and 24 hours have passed since you booked your ticket, you have to pay a charge of $75 per person per segment. Later on, Allegiant will issue a credit in which $75 cancellation fees will be deducted. The balance will be applied as non-refundable credit, which can be used for future travel with the Airlines. If you are not able to show up or cancel within 7 days of departure, you won’t receive any credit.

Trip Flex

You can cancel any ticket and get a full refund if you do it within 24 hours of booking. If you surpass the 24-hour booking, You can make a one-time change to the date as per Trip Flex, and the destination of your flight. Here, you need not pay any change fees or cancellation fees.

You have to bear in mind that Trip Flex can be bought while you are booking. So, you cannot add it to any existing booking. You have to pay a cost in the range of $8 to $20 per passenger, per segment, based on your route.

Trip Flex allows you to change your route or delay your trip once without paying the $75 change or cancellation fees for both directions. You will only pay any difference in ticket cost. You can change your itinerary up to 1 hour before departure, and up to 72 hours before air/hotel package departures.

Hot Tip

While you are eligible to cancel or change your flight without paying any cost, your flight is still non-refundable. This implies if you cancel your flight, the amount of your original booking will be applied as a non-refundable credit good. You can used this for future travel with Allegiant.

Award Ticket

If you want to cancel an Award ticket, you have to follow the same structure as the cash ticket. However, if you have bought a Trip Flex with your Award ticket, you are not liable to pay a fee to change or cancel your Award ticket. On the other hand, you have to pay $75 per passenger per segment if you do not purchase Trip Flex.

You will not receive your points back if you need to cancel a flight using your points. Rather, you’ll get a credit voucher equal to the itinerary value as a reward.

How You Can Cancel an Allegiant Ticket – Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy

1: You have to log into your account on the Allegiant homepage and select “Manage Travel”.

2: Now, select “Cancel Booking” after selecting the booking you want to cancel.

3: On the next screen, confirm your cancelled booking. You’ll get a voucher for the balance after deducting cancellation fees.

How You Can Use an Allegiant Flight Voucher

Use a flight voucher from your previous cancelled flight that you would like to use. First, initiate a new booking on Allegiant’s website. Once you’ve searched for the flight you are looking to book, reach the payment screen on the dropbox and enter your voucher number.

A few helpful points to consider with your Allegiant voucher are:

·    You cannot redeem vouchers in cash.

·    Suppose you only utilise a portion of your Allegiant voucher on a flight. In that case, you will be able to utilise the balance credit voucher amount towards a new flight as long as travel is completed one year from the original itinerary booking date.

·    You cannot transfer vouchers, and they are redeemable only in the name of the passenger in whose favour they were issued.

·    You can use vouchers to cover both flights and any related baggage fees.

Final Thoughts on Allegiant Cancellation Policy

If you want to book a flight with Allegiant and it is worrying you that you may have to cancel the flight, your best choice will be to buy a Trip Flex so that you can have peace of mind.

You should always plan your trip before booking. This will save you considerable time, stress and money when you face issues.

Frequently Asked Questions on Allegiant Flight Cancellation

What happens if I cancel my Allegiant flight?

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you are not required to pay any cancellation charge.
If, on the other hand, you cancel your flight after 24 hours, you have to pay a charge of $75 per passenger per segment. Afterwards, you will get a credit in your favour, the amount of which will be $75 cancellation fees deducted from the total booking amount per passenger, per segment.
Finally, if you’ve bought the Trip Flex at the time of booking, you can cancel your flight without paying any $75 cancellation fee.

Can I cancel an Allegiant flight within 24 hours?

Regardless of the fare chosen, all passengers are free to cancel within 24 hours of making a reservation without incurring cancellation fees.

Can you get your money back if you cancel your flight with Allegiant?

Allegiant will send a voucher for a cancelled ticket rather than a credit to your card if you booked Trip Flex. A cancellation fee of $75 will be subtracted from the value of your booking if Trip Flex is not used.

When do Allegiant flight vouchers expire?

Allegiant flight vouchers expire exactly one year from the date they were issued.

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