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Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

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Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa designed its Cancellation Policy with the uncertainties of travel in mind. If you face an unforeseen situation and need to cancel your flight, you might worry about losing the entire amount you spent on booking. In this blog post, we will explain Lufthansa’s Cancellation Policy, including potential fees, the refund process, and exceptions to the policy. You will learn all the details you need to know.

Crucial Points to Know about Lufthansa Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy:

·    Lufthansa 24-Hour Cancellation Window: If you cancel your Lufthansa flight within 24 hours of booking a flight ticket, you are entitled to a full refund. However, the condition here is that the scheduled departure of your flight should be at least seven days later. This is irrespective of the type of fare and whether it is non-refundable.

·    Full Refunds in Specific Circumstances: You are entitled to a full refund under special situations, even in the case of non-refundable tickets. These cover cancellations done by Lufthansa, delays in flights exceeding certain time limits, and cases of severe illness or death in the family well supported by documents.

·    Refundable Tickets: If you want to cancel a refundable ticket like a business flex, you can cancel your flight any moment before the scheduled departure of your flight and get a full refund, minus any applicable fee.

Understanding the Lufthansa Cancellation Policy:

·    24-Hour Cancellation Window: You can avail of this policy of Lufthansa as its most user friendly policy. You must fulfill these two conditions to qualify for a full refund as per this policy:

o  Cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it.

o  Your flight leaves at least seven days after booking.

·    Lufthansa Airlines Cancellations: If Lufthansa, due to any reason cancels your flight, you will get a complete refund irrespective of the type of fare you purchased.

·    Flight Delays: Depending on when they happen, you may also be eligible for a complete refund in the event of a flight delay.

o  More than two hours as a result of an anomaly at least one day before departure.

o  Over five hours as a result of an anomaly on the day of departure.

·    Refundable Tickets: As suggested by the name of the fare, refundable tickets permit you to flight cancellation anytime before departure and get your full amount back after deducting any applicable fee. You can look for the fare status of your particular ticket in your booking confirmation email.

·    Other Cancellation Scenarios:

o  Unexpected illness or death of a close family member: In such a situation, Lufthansa permits you to change your date of travel instead of a full refund, supported by documentation of their approval.

o  Boarding denied on confirmed reservations: If you are not allowed to board despite in spite of a confirmed reservation, you can get a full refund.

·    Lufthansa Cancellation Fees: If you are not entitled to a complete refund under the circumstances mentioned above, a cancellation fee will be applicable to your cancellation request. The fee amount is based on the type of ticket and travel class. This is an overview (prices may differ): * Economy Class: Some prices are completely non-refundable, and cancellation penalties vary from $300 to $750. * Premium Economy and Business Class: Cancellation policies differ, and certain rates are non-refundable, much like Economy Class. * First Class: Cancellation costs and non-refundable tickets are applicable, same as in other classes.

Cancelling Your Lufthansa Flight Booking:

To canceling your Lufthansa flight, you have to call on the phone, do it online, or go to the ticket office. You can go for online cancellation, which is the easiest and most commonly used method.

1.    Visit the airline’s website.

2.    Now, click on the tab “My Bookings” (usually found at the bottom of the page).

3.    Next, provide your first name, last name, and booking code.

4.    Now, click on the tab “Find Bookings.”. This will display all refundable bookings.

5.    Choose the flight you want to cancel and click on the button “Cancellation.”

6.    Finally, confirm your cancellation.

You will receive a confirmation mail from Luthansa after your flight is canceled. You will also receive the refunded amount credited to your original payment method within seven working days in case of credit card and up to 20 days in case of cash or cheque.

Lufthansa Refund Policy:

We summarise the situation where we can expect a full money back (refund) from Lufthansa.

·    If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking (with scheduled departure at least seven days later).

·    Lufthansa is canceling your flight due to some unexpected reasons.

·    Flight delays surpassing the mentioned time limit.

·    Getting a refundable ticket and changing your mind before you leave.

·    Verified rejection of boarding.

·    Recorded history of family members’ illnesses or deaths that prevent travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lufthansa’s 24-hour cancellation policy?

You receive a complete refund if you cancel within 24 hours of making your reservation, as long as the flight leaves at least seven days later.

If my flight gets canceled by Lufthansa, can I get a refund?

Yes, regardless of the kind of fare, you are entitled to a full refund if Lufthansa cancels your flight.

Are tickets that are not refundable eligible for refunds?

Under certain conditions, such as a serious sickness or a death in the family, non-refundable ticket refunds are available with supporting evidence.

What costs are involved in canceling an Economy Class ticket on Lufthansa?

Depending on the price, Economy Class cancellation fees range from $300 to $750. Additionally, certain fares may not be refundable.

How can I go online and cancel my Lufthansa flight?

Visit Lufthansa.com, choose “My Bookings,” fill out the form, locate your reservation, pick the flight, click “Cancellation,” and finalize.

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